Upright pianos are both beautiful pieces of furniture and also wonderful musical instruments. The space saving designs of many upright models provide the musician with quality tone and responsive touch, while also taking up a minimal amount of floor and wall space.

Upright pianos range in size or classification from spinets to professional studio models. The height of an upright or vertical piano determines the classification (spinet, console and studio models). Generally speaking, the taller the upright piano, the longer the bass strings and the larger the soundboard area (speaker of the piano). But don’t be fooled! Bigger is not always better.

Many upright models come in various furniture styles (Queen Anne, Chippendale, Traditional, etc.). Other models are simpler with Continental or European styling.

Let the piano experts at Seta Music explain the vast differences in upright models and brands. Seta Music professionals are committed to helping you find the right instrument to fit your specific needs.